Machine learning-based end-to-end CRISPR/Cas9 guide design

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If you use this website for your publication, please cite:


Jennifer Listgarten*, Michael Weinstein*, Benjamin P. Kleinstiver, Alexander A. Sousa, J. Keith Joung, Jake Crawford, Kevin Gao, Luong Hoang, Melih Elibol, John G. Doench*, Nicolo Fusi*. Prediction of off-target activities for the end-to-end design of CRISPR guide RNAs. Nature Biomedical Engineering Jan 2018, doi:10.1038/s41551-017-0178-6. (*equal contributions, corresponding author)


Additionally, if you use the on-target algorithm, please also cite:


John G. Doench*, Nicolo Fusi*, Meagan Sullender*, Mudra Hegde*, Emma W. Vaimberg*, Katherine F. Donovan, Ian Smith, Zuzana Tothova, Craig Wilen , Robert Orchard , Herbert W. Virgin, Jennifer Listgarten*, David E. Root. Optimized sgRNA design to maximize activity and minimize off-target effects for genetic screens with CRISPR-Cas9. Nature Biotechnology Jan 2016, doi:10.1038/nbt.3437. (*equal contributions, corresponding author)

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